Website NOW £299

Includes, Domain Name (, 1 year Hosting (£49.99), 5 emails with Spam Titan. All you need to do tell us which wordpress theme, Domain name make the payment and we will install it. Then you have enter your information in the pages, everything can be done within 24-48hrs.(Price was £399)

Email Filtering

(with Spam Titan)
The ultimate anti spam solution for your business, SpamTitan reduces spam, viruses, malware & other email threats by over 99.9%.

Promoting Business

With wordpress you can use the FREE plugins to promote your business without having to pay large fee's, use all the free tools before you start to pay fee's.

Recommed a friend

Recommend a friend and we will give you 5% Discount on your next purchase*, recommend twice then get 10%, each time you recommend a friend you get 5% discount on your next purchase*.

(*Discount is given once payment has been received and 30 days period has passed)

Who We Are

We provide services to voluntary, charitable and SME businesses.

Having providing services to the IT industry for over 15 years and retiring, I was giving advice to small businesses about how to get the best from open source products and how to pay less for IT services.

Our team of wordpress experts have been in the business for a number of years and we can alter or build a wordpress theme to meet any customers needs, this can even include putting e-commerce plugins into wordpress . We do not just deal with wordpress there are some e-commerce solutions which we can provide as well and most of the service is free as the solutions we use are free, customers only have to purchase a theme and get it altered at a fraction of the price of a bespoke solution.

Our Services

WordPress Website £299

Includes Domain Name (, 1 yr Hosting/SpamTitan (£69.98) and WordPress Theme purchase and installation, all you will have to do is enter your information into the pages.

Spam Titan Email Filtering

SPAMTITAN Email filtering on your own hosting £29.99pa , cut spam before it gets to your mail box !!

Support Plans

Let us keep you website upto date and free from hacks, so you can keep run your business.

What We Offer

A service which cannot be beat!!

Most of the customers we have are from charities, voluntary organisation and veterans organisations, we support these organisations as it is only fair that they are given the service they deserve. We try to deal with every query as quickly as possible and when someone becomes a customer they dealt with professionally and can contact us via mobile, landline or email.

The first point of contact for a customer is to complete the contact form giving as much information about their requirements, then we will contact the customer with the information that they require. We treat every customer the way which we would like to be treated if not better.